For U.S.A.   :    PUGH  A. CURTIS


3 Responses to “U.S.A.”
  1. Chris Mishio spune:

    I have been doing independent studies on facts/Truth of the Bible and was curious about christmas. I came across your site that supported my thoughts and beliefs of Christmas. I understand where christmas came from and understand as a Baptist we did not celebrate it for many years, in fact discouraging it. I am trying to find out why baptist changed to whole Heartedly buying into this Worldly tradition? Maybe time lines as well if you have any?
    I love the website…. a lot of truth and facts in history. Keep up the great work!

  2. myriam spune:


    We have been separated for more than a year and could greatly use your prayers.

  3. Royce spune:

    Enjoyed the article on Lent and Easter, but I believe the translators used the word Easter in Acts 12 purposely. Here’s a short look at my thinking if you are interested..

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