El Rastro De Los Bautistas

Bible Principles Propagate Baptist Churches by Pastor Curtis Pugh

Bible Principles Propagate Baptist Churches Baptist Church Succession Shown to be According to Scriptural Principles Which Themselves Insure the Perpetuity of Baptist Churches by Pastor Curtis Pugh Many will criticize both this tract and its author. Protestant „evangelicals” will cry that such a view is narrow and bigoted. Others will protest that the author lacks … Citește în continuare

A short description of Historic Baptists By Raul Enyedi

A short description of Historic Baptists By Raul Enyedi As the preservers of the doctrinal and practical simplicity found in the New Testament, and having a continuous existence from the first Christian century until this day, among the Baptists are to be found the original Christians. Our founder is not a man, but the Savior … Citește în continuare


BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH DAVID BENEDICT David Benedict, the Baptist historian, was born in Norwalk, Conn., Oct. 10, 1779. His love for historical reading and investigation developed intself in early life. At twenty he made a profession of his faith in Christ. Religion did for him what is has done for so many thousands of others, –quickened … Citește în continuare


Three Witnesses for the Baptists

The Trail of Blood