Curtis Pugh – Articles

„I Am Looking for Sinners” by Curtis Pugh

„Why Did You Come To Christ” by Curtis Pugh

„Whenever The Gospel is Preached” by Curtis Pugh”

„Calling On The Name Of The Lord” by Curtis Pugh

„Volunteers For Jesus” by Curtis Pugh

„The Raising of Lazarus” by Curtis Pugh

„The Bible is not Enough” by Curtis Pugh

„Believing Unbelievers” by Curtis Pugh

„The Knowledge of the Holy Ones” by Curtis Pugh

„Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh” by Curtis Pugh

„God Has You Right Where He Wants You” by Curtis Pugh

„13 Things a Lost Man Cannot Do” by Curtis Pugh

„Is God a Failure?” by Curtis Pugh

„Genuine Saving Faith” by Curtis Pugh

„Faith and Repentance or Repentance and Faith” by Curtis Pugh

„When is a Man Righteous in God`s Eyes?” by Curtis Pugh

„A Brick Wall for Arminians” by Curtis Pugh

„Answers to an Arminian Doctor`s Questions” by Curtis Pugh

„Them and Us” by Curtis Pugh

„Predestination” by Curtis Pugh

„Leaning Upon the Lord” by Curtis Pugh

„The Washing of Regeneration” by Curtis Pugh

„What is a New Testament Church?” by Curtis Pugh

„Landmarkism vs. Interdenominationalism” by Curtis Pugh

„Colonial Landmarkism” by Curtis Pugh

The Book „Three Witnesses for the Baptists” by Curtis Pugh

„Christ`s Church Before Pentecost” by Curtis Pugh

„The Lord`s Eighty-Two Men” by Curtis Pugh

„Did Paul eat the Lord`s Supper with the Church at Troas?” by Curtis Pugh

„Bible Principles Propagate Baptist Churches” by Curtis Pugh

„Saul Persecuting the Church” by Curtis Pugh


„The United States is not Israel” by Curtis Pugh

„A Deficient Gospel” by Curtis Pugh

„Natural Religion” by Curtis Pugh

„Why Does the Pope Wear a Hat?” by Curtis Pugh

„Bible Answers to an Arminian Doctor`s Questions” by Curtis Pugh

„The Cross and Crucifixion” by Curtis Pugh

„Are You Ready?” by Curtis Pugh

„How Far America?” by Curtis Pugh

„Let The King James Translators Speak” by Curtis Pugh

„STIRRED BUT NOT CHANGED – Jaded Baptists” by Curtis Pugh

„Baptist and the Argument from Silence” by Curtis Pugh

„Why Cannot A Baptist Preacher Grant A Divorce” by Curtis Pugh


„A Biblical Look at Suicide” by Curtis Pugh

„Notes on Apollos and Certain Disciples at Ephesus” by Curtis Pugh

„Three Witnesses for the Baptists” by Curtis Pugh



Articles in Poteau Newspaper
Does God Love Everyone
Priestism (Spurgeon)
The Universal Wife
We Love Him Because He First Loved Us
Is This The Way You Pray?
Why Tornadoes?
Sinners Taught by the Father
Have You Repented That You Might Believe?
It Cannot Be Both Ways
Why Drought in the Southwest and Blizzards in the Northeast?
What Is God Doing?
The Washing of Regeneration

Articles in Berea Baptist Banner
Christ’s Church Before Pentecost
In Order to Be Saved
Who Knows What Pleases God Better Than God Himself
Who Persecutes Whom
Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh
God Has You Right Where He Wants You
If You Believe the Bible Then You Must Believe in Predestination
The Christian and Tattoos
The United States is not Israel
God Is In Absolute Control of Everything AND EVERYBODY
Do You Feel at Home
God is Not Helping Us
Stirred But Not Changed – Jaded Baptists
Why Cannot A Baptist Preacher Grant A Divorce
The Knowledge of the Holy Ones
Doing the Impossible–Leading a Soul to Christ
How Far America?
The Effect of Christ’s Sacrifice
The Nation Israel – Beloved Enemeies
Whenever the Gospel is Preached
Well Equiped Saints
Drinking What Jesus Drank
Are You Ready?

Other Articles by Curtis Pugh
I Am Looking For Sinners
Why Did You Come to Christ?
13 Things a Lost Man Cannot Do
Is God a Failure?
Genuine Saving Faith
When is a Man Righteous in God’s Eyes?
A Brick Wall for Arminians
Answers to an Arminian Doctor’s Questions
Them and Us
What is a New Testament Church?
Landmarkism vs. Interdenominationalism
The Book „Three Witnesses for the Baptists”
A Biblical Look at Suicide
Did Paul Eat the Lord’s Supper at Troas?
Bible Principles Propagate Baptist Churches
A Verse They Cannot Make Fit
Lent, Easter and Hot Cross Buns
Let the King James Translators Speak
Baptists and the Argument from Silence
Christ’s Church Before Pentecost
The Lord’s Eighty-Two Men
Faith and Repentance or Repentance and Faith
Saul Persecuting the Church
Leaning Upon the Lord
Why Does the Pope Wear a Hat?
Believing Unbelievers
The Cross and Crucifixion
The Bible is not Enough
The Raising of Lazarus
Volunteers For Jesus
Calling On The Name Of The Lord
How To Anger Modern Baptists

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