Tabernacle Baptist Church E. L. Bynum

Tabernacle Baptist Church
E. L. Bynum, Pastor
1911 34th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79411

Selected Articles On:

Graham Crusade and Rock Concert Draws 95,000.– Sixty denominations representing 1,075 churches assisted with the June Billy Graham Crusade in the Minneapolis Metrodome, including 119 Catholic parishes and 269 Lutheran congregations. Directors said there was a new receptivity, more openness, and more ecumenical spirit. Music was cited as the driving force for youth. Musicians are usually billed as „special guests,” but publicity for „Youth Night” advertised it as a DC Talk/Michael W. Smith concert „with Billy Graham.” (Note that „the tail now wags the dog”) A counselor said, „It’s a lot easier to invite someone to a concert than to a sermon.” Rock star Amy Grant provided music for the Crusade’s final night.–CC

Rock Stars Help Graham Draw Crowd. – Dr. Billy Graham, now 78 and diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1989, plans to continue his crusades „as long as the Lord gives strength.” The Houston Chronicle said, concerning his April Crusade in the Alamodome: „More than 700 churches representing over 50 denominations have joined together for the Graham crusade, which hopes to attract South Texas youth with big-name Christian rock acts (Amy Grant, DC Talk, Charlie Daniels Band, Michael W. Smith, Steve Green, and Jaci Velasquez) and a Saturday service just for kids.” Organizers expected 250,000 to attend the event.–CC

Catholics Support Graham Crusade. – The Houston Chronicle, reporting on the recent Billy Graham crusade at the Alamodome, said: „But the local Catholic community played a key role as well, a sort of payback for the Baptist show of support during the Pope’s 1987 San Antonio visit.” It added: „As a Christian leader, Billy Graham has earned a respect that so transcends theological differences that Baptists, Catholics, and Presbyterians come together for planning, meetings, and training sessions months in advance to prepare for a Graham crusade.” This will likely be Graham’s last South Texas crusade. Some predict he will end his Texas ministry sometime in the future in Dallas where he retains a membership in First Baptist Church (the W.A. Criswell church). Graham said: „I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where God’s servants retired and went to Florida.”–CC

Catholics Boost Graham’s Attendance – Roman Catholics played a key role in Billy Graham’s recent San Antonio crusade as a sort of payback for the Baptist show of support during the Pope’s 1987 San Antonio visit-and rock stars also provided a big boost (see 5/1 CC). Graham praised the cooperation of Hispanics and Catholics, including an early endorsement from Archbishop Patrick Flores, the top Catholic official in Texas (5/19 Chr. Today). Flores taped radio spots encouraging Catholics to attend the crusade to help bring them to a closer commitment to their faith. Graham said: „The Devil has separated us, and a crusade like this is used of God to bring people of all denominations together.” To be Scriptural, this sentence should read: „God has separated us [from false-gospel systems such as Roman Catholicism], and a crusade like this is used of the Devil to bring people of all denominations together.” –CC

Graham’s Methodology–In his review of Billy Graham’s „book of the century,” Just As I Am, Columbia International University president emeritus Robertson McQuilkin writes (8/11 CT) „It is clear…that Billy’s approach is open and warm to everyone – Catholic, Orthodox, liberal. Everyone but fundamentalists. His unswerving commitment to ecumenical inclusivism is a central theme. So his theological blood brothers, the fundamentalists, won’t follow him. It is disingenuous to say that they are alienated from Graham because fundamentalists as a class are more hypocritical and unloving than others. Nor is it fair to say they should not be so rigid about methodology. For them it’s not method; it’s doctrine. They believe it sinful disobedience to cooperate with unbelievers in spiritual ministry….Billy studiously disregards many doctrines that divide Christendom and majors on what unites…[H]is emphasis is on the unity of the faith more than the purity of it…His ministry is evangelism. [He defines] racism as a moral issue (to be pursued) and abortion a political issue (to be avoided)…Billy consciously avoids/downplays theological distinctions. It’s clear [?] that he adheres to the fundamentals of the faith because he says so….”[!]

Graham Impressed By Clinton Compassion. Dr. Billy Graham in his new book indicates that President Clinton made a big impression on him during the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy. He said: „Seldom have I seen anyone express so movingly and sincerely a genuine sense of compassion and sympathy to those who were hurting. I felt that he, not I, was the real pastor that day.” Our President is also a very superb actor.–CC

Graham and Catholic Universalism.–The following are Dr. Billy Graham’s answers from a May 31 television interview by Dr. Robert Schuller (5-6/97 Foundation): „I think everybody that loves Christ, or knows Christ, whether they’re conscious of it or not, they’re members of the Body of Christ….They may not even know the name of Jesus but they know in their hearts that they need something they don’t have, and they turn to the only light they have, and I think they are saved, and that they’re going to be with us in heaven….They’ve believed in their hearts that there was a God, and they’ve tried to live a life that was quite apart from the surrounding community…” Dr. Robert Kofahl, says: „The doctrine that Dr. Graham expressed…is exactly what the Pope and the Ecumenical Institute in Rome have been teaching for years. This is the idea that any pagan, practicing idolatrous worship, having no slightest knowledge of the Bible, the gospel of grace, or the Person and name and redeeming work of Jesus Christ if he is a `good person’ and if he is sincere in whatever he may believe is automatically `redeemed by the blood of Christ.'”

Grahams Side With Red China–At a time when our nation is flooded with various goods produced by slave labor in Communist China, America’s „revered” evangelist Billy Graham and his son Ned recently supported most-favored-nation trading status for a nation which practices infanticide and brutally persecutes Christians (7/19 World). The debate in Congress put the Grahams against Gary Bauer, James Dobson, and Ralph Reed who all opposed MFN status for the „evil empire.” Graham said it is „far better for us to keep China as a friend than to treat it as an adversary.” This seems closely akin to the rationale King Jehoshaphat used to „justify” his disastrous alliance with wicked King Ahab (2 Chron. 18). Jehu’s warning (2 Chron. 19:2) still stands.

Graham Deceived by Communists–Gary Bauer says: „Billy Graham went to the Soviet Union during the Cold War and said there was no persecution. He was going to the fake church, the state-controlled church.” (11/8 World). He and son Ned (President, East Gate Ministries) meet/dine/work with Red China’s government leaders, and recently lobbied for MFN trade status for China (9/29 Chr. News). Meanwhile, the China Christian Council, the official agency representing Protestants, is insisting that Southern Baptists send all their missionaries through the CCC’s official channels (11/15 H. Times). Chinese government policy permits Christianity within limits that include a ban on foreign missionary proselytizing. In China today (per the 5/26/97 New Amer.), more Christians are in prison because of religious activities than in any other nation in the world.

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