Benny Hinn: His Golden Egg

Benny Hinn: His Golden Egg
HINN’S HOARD- Two recent television programs of CNN dealt with Benny Hinn, the outlandish charismatic evangelist who delights in ‘slaying’ people in the spirit.
They revealed that Hinn, with his monetary hoards, is far removed from the humble Saviour, Jesus Christ, who had no place to lay His head, or the apostles Peter and John who acknowledged that ‘silver and gold had (they) none.’
Hinn seems to be managing quite nicely thank you in a house worth $650,000 US, which he claims was not paid for with ministry funds.
It was also revealed that when traveling he stays in Presidential suites at as much as $2000 per night.
A trip of several days to Europe by Benny Hinn and his entourage (flying on the Concorde and staying in luxury hotels) cost $9000 return for each of them.
His ministry took in $35 million in 1995 and $50 million in 1996. On his television programs he appeals for donations of $10,000, $50,000 or $100,000. For donations of $100 and $500 respectively, Hinn offers his viewers personally autographed Bibles and Benny Hinn books. He also offers Benny Hinn coffee mugs. —Paid no doubt, by the mugs that support his outlandish ministry.
HINN’S HERESY – Benny Hinn made the following statement during an appearance of CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ program, ‘God did not have to send His Son, but He did because He uses men’. It is Hinn’s contention that Christians are ‘little Messiah’s’ and ‘little gods’. He has even gone so far as to state, in reference to himself, ‘I face devils as the Son of God.’
Hinn claims that people are healed at his meetings:
-just sitting there
-just by entering the building
-as they drive into the car park.
At Hinn’s meetings he ‘saves’ people by waving his hand at them and saying ‘whoosh’ in a loud voice. On the Larry King program a clip was shown of him ‘slaying’ several people at once.
Hinn ‘healed’ every sick person watching King’s program! He instructed those who want to be healed to reach out toward their television screens as he raised his hands and prayed for them by ‘rebuking’ their illnesses in Jesus name.
He even claimed that once when he had a headache he turned on his own program and was healed by himself in the same manner!
Jesus said, „Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name! And in thy name done many wonderful works? And I will profess unto them, I never knew you”
(Matthew 7:22,23). —MBW

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