By Curtis Pugh
This woman and her younger, more attractive daughters pose a deadly spiritual threat. Because we care about people we call your attention to this danger by furnishing you with this little study. You can find out for yourself just what the Bible says by looking up the references given. For this „Bible detective work” you will need the Book of Revelation, the last book in your Bible, and perhaps a dictionary or encyclopedia. You will also need an honest and prayerful heart. Here are some clues to help you in your search.
1. Clue number one: A thoughtful reading of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 shows that this woman is more than just an individual. She symbolizes a „city” that controls the governments of the world (Rev. 17:18).
2. The second clue is her influence and popularity. She sits on many waters explained to be the peoples of the world, Rev. 17: 1, 15 (See how the Bible explains itself!) Revelation 17:2 speaks, no doubt, of her deception of the peoples of the world. (See also Rev. 14:8; 18:3; 19:2). Evidently her popularity and social acceptability allow her to do her evil work freely.
3. Clue number three is her connection with civil governments. Revelation 17:2, and 18 mention her ties with „the kings of the earth.” She is a world political power and is recognized as such by various governments.
4. The fourth clue is her bright colorful attire. Rich colors of purple, scarlet (Rev. 17:4) and „linen” (Rev. 18:16 – white in color) are hers. Could the leaders of this „Harlot” actually wear these colors? Her adornment is also gold, precious stones, and pearls. Think about this. What comes to mind?
5. Clue number five has to do with her immense wealth. She possesses riches in abundance (Rev. 17:4; 18:7, & 11-19). Vast financial holdings make this „city” a great power in world commerce.
6. Clue number six concerns a multitude of martyrs. Read Rev. 17:6 and Rev. 18:24. What city of worldwide influence has been responsible for multitudes martyred because of their faith in Christ and the Bible?
7. The seventh clue is her name. Revelation 17:5 tells us her name is MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. She is not literal Babylon, for that is in ruins. She is „Mystery Babylon.” Archaeology has shown that Babylon was the origin of mystery religions such as the worship of Simiramis and Tammuz, the ancient eastern madonna and child. Locate where and by whom these are venerated today under other names and you may be well on your way to solving this puzzle.
8. Clue number eight is her location. She is a „city” that sits on seven mountains (Rev. 17:9, 18). There is a famous city that sits on seven hills (mountains in the local tongue) which has named them (1) Palatine; (2) Capitoline; (3) Quirinal; (4) Aventine; (5) Caelian; (6) Esquiline; and (7) Viminal. Check this out with a dictionary, gazetteer, or encyclopedia!
9. The ninth and final clue also has to do with her names as does clue number seven above. In Revelation 17:5, she is also named THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. This Harlot has given birth to many of the same sort as the mother. They too enjoy great prestige, popularity and power. They are socially acceptable and listened to by the civil leaders of this world. Identify the Mother and give a little thought to her offspring. You may be surprised at your conclusions!
Revelation 18:4 gives a great command and a serious warning: „come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” This harlot (and her harlot-daughters) are guilty of terrible sins and those who remain in her are „partakers of her sins.” They will be judged by God because they are a part of her.
Read these Scriptures and do a little research. When you do learn just who the Harlot and her Daughters are, please do not get mad at me for calling this to your attention. I did not write the Bible. I am only to tell you what it says. How you respond to the Bible has eternal consequences.
The vital question is this: are you a part of this „Mother of Harlots,” or her wicked Brood? If so, will you heed the warning and obey the call to „Come out of her?” Be done with her! Repent of your sins and trust in Christ alone and separate yourself from the Harlot and her Daughters!

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