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REGELN der ANBETUNG,öffentliches GEBET- RAUL ENYEDI – Notizen

  REGELN der ANBETUNG,öffentliches GEBET. Apostelgeschichte 2;42. „Und sie blieben beständig in der Lehre der Apostel und in der Gemeinschaft und im Brotbrechen und in den Gebeten. „ Wir haben die Wichtigkeit des Gebets und seine verschiedenen Möglichkeiten gesehen. Die Jünger zeichneten sich durch ein Gebetsleben aus. Die Versammlungen genauso. Was können wir über die … Citește în continuare


Today, the Lord called bro. Curtis Pugh home. A void remains in our heart, but we also rejoice for him. The calling home of a faithful servant should be celebrated, not mourned. We are comforted in our sorrow by the hope of the resurrection and by the confidence that he is now in the presence … Citește în continuare

Farewell, brother Curtis!

Farewell, brother Curtis! The Lord called home another one of his faithful servants, brother Curtis Pugh. He was ready to go and, though weak in the body, he crossed the finish line as a victor. His life was one of unselfish service to His Lord and His churches. His work was finished, he fulfilled the … Citește în continuare


CHRISTIANS WITHOUT HOPE Lost people are described as being hopeless: Ephesians 2:12 says of them: “having no hope, and without God in the world.” In contrast the children of God can be called children of hope for those of the New Testament era were characterized by hope – which is faith in the promises of … Citește în continuare


THOUGHTS ON BEING A GOOD FINISHER   More than fifty years ago one of my professors in Bible college warned: “Many start well, but few finish well.” Both the Bible and observation prove that he was right in what he said. Surely it must be that God works a desire – a will – to … Citește în continuare

Should Baptists baptize children? by Raul Enyedi

Should Baptists baptize children?     By Raul Enyedi         Some time ago I learned about a practice among our churches which is strange to us: that of baptizing young children. We in Romania were perplexed when we heard of it because it seems to us so contrary to the strong stands … Citește în continuare


HOW MANY PATTERNS DO YOU NEED? Curtis Pugh Poteau, Oklahoma   As a boy I remember my mother making her own dresses. In order to turn out the product she desired she followed a pattern, making sure to cut the material according to the proper shapes as dictated by the one pattern. She did not … Citește în continuare

The cross and crucifixion

THE CROSS AND CRUCIFIXION Curtis Pugh Poteau, Oklahoma   We do not doubt that the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Lamb, was nailed to a wooden instrument of death which was set upright in a hole in the ground. He was left there to die. Neither do we doubt His burial and resurrection. What we do … Citește în continuare


THE TRUE MEANING OF EASTER  by Pugh Curtis             Easter is one of the biggest celebrations in Christendom. This day, it is claimed, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But we have questions. Did God anywhere in the Bible command us to keep this annual day? Do we have God’s instructions as to how it … Citește în continuare

DER GRÖSSTE VERLUST – Milburn Cockrell

    DER GRÖSSTE VERLUST   Milburn Cockrell   Originaltitel : The Loss of the soul von Milburn Cockrell   Übersetzer : Elisabeth Warnus   Editor : Raul Enyedi   Graphik: Aurel Miclea jun.   3-te Ausgabe,2012       DER GRÖSSTE VERLUST.   Math.16,26 : „  Denn was hilft es dem Menschen, wenn er die … Citește în continuare

Meine Befreiung aus der Tradition der Weihnachtsfeier. Persönliches Bekenntnis.

Meine Befreiung aus der Tradition der Weihnachtsfeier. Persönliches Bekenntnis. Durch die folgenden Verse aus der Bibel habe ich die Antwort bekommen, für meine aufrichtigen Fragen. Ich bin überzeugt, dass dieses mein Bekenntnis die Gemüter der Leser erregen wird, weil es für sie eine ,,heilige“ Tradition bedeutet in der christlichen Welt. Und wer diese verdammt, wird … Citește în continuare

DER SINN der WORTE ,,alle“und ,,Welt“in der HEILIGEN SCHRIFT von Harold Brunson Jr.

DER SINN der WORTE ,,alle“und ,,Welt“in der HEILIGEN SCHRIFT von Harold Brunson Jr. Originaltitel:,,All“ and ,,World“ – letztes Kapitel aus dem Buch ,,Leaves,Worms, Butterflines,.. T.U.L.I.P. Anthologie von V.C. Mayes. Von Harold Brunson jr. Übersetzung und Bearbeitung von Iosif Raul Enyedi Zweite Auflage Bocșa, 2012 DER SINN der WORTE ,,alle“und ,,Welt“in der HEILIGEN SCHRIFT. Ich möchte … Citește în continuare

Curtis Pugh – Articles

„I Am Looking for Sinners” by Curtis Pugh „Why Did You Come To Christ” by Curtis Pugh „Whenever The Gospel is Preached” by Curtis Pugh” „Calling On The Name Of The Lord” by Curtis Pugh „Volunteers For Jesus” by Curtis Pugh „The Raising of Lazarus” by Curtis Pugh „The Bible is not Enough” by Curtis … Citește în continuare

Words – A message by Elder Curtis Pugh.

Words from Berea Baptist Church Library on Vimeo.

A Blessing – Pugh Curtis

A Blessing from Berea Baptist Church Library on Vimeo.

How To Get Into The Kingdom – Pugh Curtis

How To Get Into The Kingdom from Berea Baptist Church Library on Vimeo.